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Who’s the real Charlotte Snyman?

Well, I hope that in the following questions, you will be able to figure out a bit more about me on a personal level. If you have a question which I have not answered (within reason), please email me the question or subscribe and you’ll get to learn more about me.

Do you have any pets?

I have a dog. I would LOVE to have more but I have to stick to the guidelines of the estate in which we live. His name is Manu and he is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. We have always had a staffie as our pet of choice. They have beautiful natures and are the most loyal dog. He loves to sit next to me and follows me everywhere.

What is your favorite hobby?

I have so many! Being a creative sponge, creative things just get my attention quickly. I love painting, designing backdrops, going to art galleries, fine dining, wine farms. The list could go on. We recently did the Franschoek wine tram and it was a blast!

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I LOVE spending time with my family! They are the most important thing and we have fun together, whether we are playing board games (I generally lose since I suck at strategy), watching movies, rugby, or going out. Life is never dull with them around. Spending time with my daughter is also a favorite time, With all the testerone, it’s great to have that girly feminine vibe and she’s an awesome young lady.

What are some of your favorite vacation spots?

There are so many but I really enjoy the Garden Route along the Western Cape or Kruger National Park. I enjoy nature and I can sit or walk around and just enjoy the creativity of our God. If we are in the States, I love going to Colorado or Montana or Disney World in Orlando. If we are in Europe, I love Paris, Barcelona, Venice and Rome, Naples...I just love Europe.

What is your favorite restaurant?

This is a simple answer and the easiest to answer: La Colombe in Constantia Nek (Cape Town). It is enjoying food as art. I loved every single part of this restaurant, the vibe, the food, the presentation, the smells, the everything!

What is your favorite quote?

This is my heart’s cry every day. My hope is in Him and I trust Him implicitly for He is my God, my Hope, my Peace, my Deliverer. He is everything to me.

Writing Journey

In TAPESTRY, Charlotte Snyman shares her “stranger-than-fiction” life story with witty honesty and passion. She is not your average pastor’s wife but is well-loved by her church family at Lighthouse Christian Centre, in Cape Town, South Africa.

She masterfully tells vivid tales of times past, reaching all the way back to her grandparents in America, her miraculous adoption in Taiwan, growing up as an American girl on US Air Force bases all over the country, and finally settling down in Africa.

This jaw-dropping autobiography is an epic love story, an inspirational testimony, a medical drama, a musical symphony and a hilarious comedy, all woven into one big colorful tapestry, designed by God Himself.
I grew up knowing I was adopted but never wished to find my birth family. I knew my birth mother passed away when I was three months old so the desire to find them just wasn’t there. Fast forward many years, I was married, had my own family and my mother became ill suddenly. Within 5 weeks, she passed. This was the catalyst God used for us to fly back to Taiwan (for a conference) and God used that to connect me with my birth family. It truly was a miracle.
This whole experience is what spurred me on to write my story. It has been a labor of love. Many events happened along the writing journey of my book which could have caused me to just “give up” but I refused to give in.

I see this as another expression of who God is through writing. I just know that for me, the obedience to write was part of my journey. I do plan to write again but I’ll follow the lead of my heart and God and see where this next chapter leads me.

About my family

We have been a globetrotting family over the years. We lived in Cape Town for the first 7 years of our marriage, moved to Dallas, Texas, settled in Montgomery, Alabama for 2-1/2 years then we moved back to South Africa in 2001.

I’ve been married for over 28 years to the most handsome man whom I met at Christ for the Nations, Institute in Dallas, Texas. He is truly my biggest supporter and keeps me grounded. His words of encouragement have been the push to start my writing journey, and he always makes a mean cappuccino!
We have raised our four children, he’s been the lead of our family and a true model of a father to them. We are nearing the “empty nest” part of our lives with our sons moving out, discovering their purpose and destiny but we still have our daughter at home who keeps us on our toes! I absolutely love every season of life.
We are a close knit family and have a great time when all the kids are together, since our eldest son lives in the USA. When our eldest son visits, it is like the boys have never been apart. I treasure every moment with them and capture every moment in my heart.

My mom was the biggest influence in my life. She gave selflessly to anyone in need and those she loved. She taught me how to listen, be a friend, a support, love those who were unseen, be the tool to help others, how to be a mother and a friend. She became my best friend, always cheering me on, encouraging me to pursue God and the purposes He created me to do on this earth.

Musical journey & update

I sang in the shower (as most people do) and occasionally at the piano with a music book. I always thought my voice was “average” so I so surprised when I discovered through others that I could sing. I even won a competition at the PTL club.

I sang in two different vocal groups in Bible College and began having voice lessons while I was in college and continued with lessons after college. God has an interesting way of rearranging plans that a person may come up and plan. His timing is absolutely perfect. I have always been involved with music from a young age. I began playing the piano when I was five years old. I picked up the flute in the 5th grade and the bassoon in 12th grade.

Fast forward many years, I am a vocal student once again and my coach is Gerrida Dickason. She is a gift, a treasure and an absolutely amazing lady. She is a gifted singer and songwriter. She is classically trained and she loves the Lord. She is not only my coach but an amazing friend. Her hugs are so warm and inviting and her insight is en pointe!

 In December of 2019, I was planning on editing my 1st draft to get ready for another round of editing (it’s par for the course). Every time I began to write, I felt that I shouldn’t. The “spark” to write wasn’t there. I also was given a contact by Gerrida and I spoke to another friend who is in the music industry and she dropped some information in a casual conversation.

His suggestion resonated in my heart and I knew he was absolutely correct. Since then, I have been writing music and my husband has been helping with lyrics. The majority of the songs are written but there are a few which are lingering in my mind but not yet materialized into an actual song yet. The penny dropped and I realized that the book was to go “on hold” for now. We spoke to our mentor and he suggested that I rather pursue the musical side for now; even suggesting that I do a few CD’s before the book is launched.
I will be recording with Stone Bear and Mayor Music Records. I will be in the capable hands of one of the gifted producers of the Stone Bear and Mayor team. We have met with Helmut to discuss the process and the whole process is exciting. Studio work is one of my favorite things to do!. There will be a collaboration on one of the songs.

The recording will take place this year so please hang on and bear with me as I go through the long process but it will be worth it, I promise!

Thank you for journeying with me!

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